H ello my dear, nice to meet you. i'm a girl from europe and i live in the burrow from belgium. i prefer to be around animals, rather than people. never judge a book by it's cover, sing every day and smile a lot. ♥ alan rickman, animals, art, autumn, baking, bee's, books, butterfly's, cats, cupcakes, cherries, cocktails, cooking, draco malfoy, drawings, dubstep, elegance, emma watson, family, fashion, france, friendship, fruits, glee, great britain, harry potter, horses, house, hugh laurie, indie, jazz, kisses, lady gaga, london, love, magic, my mother, music, nutella, nature, optimism, orchestra, paris, piano, pink, quotes, rain, running, severus snape, shoes, spring, starbucks, strawberries, summer, tea, tom felton, trust, vienna, vintage, violin, warmth, winter, workouts.

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